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"To Infinity & Beyond!"


View "Uncle Jack"
"Uncle Jack"


The Collings Foundation's F-100F Super Sabre from INVERSION on Vimeo.


The Collings Foundation's A-4 and F-4 from INVERSION on Vimeo.


KLVK: Bruce Is Invited To Ride Along In The Eberhardt's P-51 Mustang


KLVK: Bruce Is Invited To Ride Along In A Memorial Day Warbird Formation Flight


KNUQ (Okay..., Moffett Field): Bruce's Flight In The Collings' B-24


KLVK: Bruce's Flight In The EAA's B-17


KLVK: Two Rare Beechcraft Starships Visit In October of 2000


KLVK: Visit By Sunset School


KLVK: A Visit By The Snoopy Blimp


KRNO: A Rare SAAB Draken Takes To The Air


KRNO: A Gentleman Flies His MiG-21


KRNO: A F7F Tigercat Workout


Ford Island, HI: WW-II Warbirds Depart CVN 70
(yes..., several WW-II warbirds depart a nuclear carrier!)


Hiller Museum: A Pratt/Whitney R-4370 Powered Engine Cut-Away